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d a v e   b e n n e t t
  1. I Got Rhythm   9:36
  2. Moonglow   4:35
  3. Running Wild   8:57
  4. Why Don't You Do Right?   3:48
  5. Body And Soul   4:25
  6. Sing Sing Sing   8:21
  7. Goodbye   2:32
  8. Avalon   9:06
  9. The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise   3:44
  10. Oh! Lady Be Good   6:20
  11. Easy To Remember   3:55

Total Time: 65:19

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Twenty-two-year-old clarinetist Dave Bennett is an authentic musical prodigy who brings to life the classic sound and music of Benny Goodman with incredible technique, style, beauty of tone and naturalness. Bennett's CD Remembering Benny captures the spirit, flavor and excitement of the famous Goodman small groups of the 1930s. Remembering Benny is an outstanding collection of 11 LIVE performances from different concerts and recorded by Hugh Leal, mostly at the Capital Theatre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Remembering Benny also includes Bennett performances with former Benny Goodman bandmembers vibraphonist Peter Appleyard and guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli.

In LIVE performance, Dave Bennett's amazing musical abilities, mature stage presence, knowledge of the dates and details of Goodman recordings, and his penchant for wearing wire-rimmed glasses, spats and double-breasted suits, transport listeners back to the time and mood of Benny Goodman's "swing era".

Windsor Star music writer Ted Shaw called (then 19 year old) Bennett "a teenage sensation...a jaw dropping phenom on the clarinet...the Michigan native's mellifluous playing and gorgeous tone are inspired directly by Benny Goodman".

Grand Rapids Press reviewer Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk wrote: "Bennett sizzled in his show with the Grand Rapids Symphony".

Dave Bennett lives in Waterford, Michigan. He began playing clarinet at age 10 and taught himself how to play Benny Goodman songs by ear, listening to records given to him by his grandfather. At age 12, Dave was invited onto the bandstand of the famous Sweet Basil Jazz Club in New York City to sit in with jazz trumpet legend Doc Cheatham. By age 14, Dave started touring all over America, twenty or thirty times a year, as a member of Saginaw, Michigan's popular New Reformation Dixieland Band. All the while, he practiced six hours a day and studied the recordings of his greatest hero: Benny Goodman. A tape of Bennett's playing sent to Pete Fountain resulted in an un-prompted telephone call to Dave by Pete, encouraging this remarkable young talent that he was "on the right track". At age 17, Bennett was selected as one of two high school students from a field of 600, to have the opportunity to perform as a Special Guest Soloist with The Count Basie Orchestra. In November 2003, Dave Bennett premiered his Tribute to Benny Goodman Septet at Windsor's Capitol Theatre. Bennett said at the concert, "I've been waiting nine years for this opportunity...and it is a dream that has finally come true."

At Dave's request, Paul Keller has created 13 original arrangements for full orchestra of Benny Goodman tunes. The Dave Bennett combo has performed this Benny Goodman Symphony Orchestra Pops Concert with the Kingston Symphony, The Windsor Symphony, The San Antonio Symphony, The Detroit Symphony, The Grand Rapids Symphony and The Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

Keller, Siers, Seabury, Leal, Bennett, Meyer, Kocher

Remembering Benny features Dave Bennett's jazz combo which includes bassist Paul Keller as Music Director, pianist Bill Meyer, drummer Pete Siers, guitarist Hugh Leal, vibraphonist Cary Kocher and vocalist Anne Seabury.

Remembering Benny is comprised of three parts: 7 tracks showcasing Dave Bennett's Tribute To Benny Goodman Septet, 1 track with Canadian vibraphonist and Benny Goodman sideman Peter Appleyard and his quintet, and 3 tracks featuring Bennett and Keller in a trio format with legendary guitarist and Goodman sideman Bucky Pizzarelli. In all, Remembering Benny contains over 65 minutes of enduring and nostalgic melodies, artful and amazing improvisation, swinging and churning rhythm, and entertaining, high-energy, spontaneous, jazz all performed LIVE and masterfully by this young clarinet virtuoso and his top-notch accompanists.

Remembering Benny
The tunes:

1. I Got Rhythm is a tour d' force for Dave Bennett. The ideas flow from Dave's clarinet like water from an open faucet. Bennett displays his awesome technique and stamina on this great, nine-minute opening track.
2. Moonglow shows off Dave's rich, dark clarinet tone. Dave also references sounds and ideas from another of his heros: Pete Fountain.
3. Runnin' Wild lives up to its title. This one is taken at tempo d' break neck. Outstanding, energetic solos from Dave and vibraphonist Cary Kocher.
4. Why Don't You Do Right? features vocalist Anne Seabury singing in the classic, straight-ahead melody style. Then the guys blow their brains out on the blues.
5. Body And Soul recalls the elegance of The Benny Goodman Trio featuring pianist Teddy Wilson and drummer Gene Krupa. Here Bill Meyer and Pete Siers provide strong and sensitive support for Dave's quiet and melodic interpretation of this classic ballad.
6. Sing Sing Sing is everyone's favorite Benny Goodman tune. Drummer Pete Siers beats out a savage tattoo as Bennett sails effortlessly over the ocean of rhythm. Dave wisely performs this selection at the close of each of his Goodman tribute concerts, each time earning him a well-deserved standing ovation.
7. Goodbye, Goodman's closing theme, is recreated here with tenderness and fondness for the King of Swing.
8. Avalon is performed with Canadian vibraphonist Peter Appleyard and his quintet. Appleyard played with Benny Goodman for seven years in the 1970s. This track was recorded LIVE in concert at the Capital Theatre in Windsor, Ontario and features pianist John Sherwood, bassist Dave Young, drummer Kevin Dempsey and guitarist Reg Schwager, all Canada's finest jazz musicians.
The final three tracks of this fantastic album feature Dave Bennett in a trio format with bassist Paul Keller and world-renowned jazz guitar star Bucky Pizzarelli. Pizzarelli was the longest-serving Benny Goodman band member, playing 20 years with the King of Swing. This laid-back "jam session" was recorded LIVE before an intimate and enthusiastic crowd of rabid jazz lovers, again at Windsor's Capital Theatre. You can hear them cheer their approval for Dave, Paul and Bucky during and after each tune!
9. The World Is Waiting For A Sunrise
10. Oh! Lady Be Good
11. Easy To Remember


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